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How do I withdraw cash from an offshore account?

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Before you do this, especially elsi we are talking about a large amount, consider whether there is an opportunity to make a payment in another way - as cash transactions is always subject to monitoring at all banks. However, if the cash are still edinesvennym acceptable option, then you should consider the following recommendations.

If you need a small amount of small (up to 10 euros tis) is the following ways:

  1. First way: kispolzuete ATM, usually commission when withdrawing money from your corporate debit card will be from 1.5% - 3% in most countries. Maps can be either name or nameless - that is, on the card will only be her number without naming the owner and company name
  2. The second way: to personally visit a bank branch (in Latvia or Lithuania to fly is not difficult) and remove the right amount of money through the cashier of the bank..
  3. The third way: to make money in the authorized capital of enterprises in the country where you need cash, and then withdraw the money already on hand in the country where you are not worked, you needed a goal. Given that you spend sredtva statutory fund, the bank issues and nalogvoy usually does not arise.
  4. The fourth way: Give yourself a loan from his company because at 10-20 years.
  5. Fifth way: It is recommended by 100 thousand - ask for advice from your financial advisor. For each situation may have their own ways of solving. Do not rush to ask inappropriate questions in the bank.

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