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Offshore for the purchase and sale of business and real estate

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Offshore companies, offshore funds and offshore trusts are also useful for buying and selling businesses and real estate. The first step is the asking price on the Ukrainian legal entity (LLC), and continue the purchase of the Company as the purchase of a business: a non-resident (a company in Cyprus , in Switzerland or Denmark) acquires 100% of the corporate rights-owner LLC analyzing processes of real estate at par or at an agreed price with the seller to the business.

The first stage (buying a company owner-nedvizhiomosti on non-resident investra)

Offshore investor

Company Cyprus

Buying shares LLC

After some time, if you want to sell a business transaction is made on behalf of non-resident yuridichkeskogo person. Thus, the seller receives business income, which is wholly exempt from tax if a treaty on avoidance of double taxation with the country of the buyer.

The second stage (sales of business or shares on behalf of non-resident investor)

Offshore investor

Company Cyprus

Sale of shares LLC

Advanced option is the sale of the non-resident, ie, Cyprus company sold shares of the Danish company to another non-resident investor, so the transaction takes place outside of Ukraine and ensures both the seller and buyer to a maximum of privacy.

Offshore Fund

Company Ltd. # 1 UA

Offshore investor

At the same time in Ukraine is not the fact of a change of ownership occurs, the change of shareholders sell the business is not done, reissue the BTI is also not required