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Offshore scheme. Investments

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Offshore companies, offshore funds and offshore trusts are often used for investments in subsidiaries and / or associated companies, public and private companies and joint ventures. The payment of dividends, interest and income on buying and selling of securities can be achieved by reducing withholding taxes Using a company registered in a jurisdiction with a zero or reduced taxation and the agreement on avoidance of double taxation with the country.

Offshore investor

Company in the EU

Securities RU

A good example is an offshore company in Cyprus , in Switzerland or Denmark, which may invest in the Ukrainian company through and take advantage of the treaty on avoidance of double taxation that exists between the two countries, under which withholding taxes on dividends, interest and royalties are reduced from 15% to 0 %.

Offshore investor

The company in Cyprus

Companies # 1, # 2 RU

To protect the assets it is recommended to use multi-level structure of ownership, sharing assets by groups of classical offshore company or trust , together with an intermediate offshore investor complementing its front company in the EU (a registered on Cyprus , in England , Denmark , Switzerland )

Offshore Fund

Securities (stocks), OAO RU

Offshore investor

Company Cyprus

Company Ltd. # 1 RU

Company Ltd. # 2 RU

These schemes provide maximum asset protection and confidentiality of ownership, as the information on the ownership of more than 2 levels is not required by any government agency.