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Why do you nominee shareholder?

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As is known, in most cases non-resident company is in the form of joint stock company. The owners of the company are its shareholders - and their names are recorded in an official register of the company, usually containing the following information:

════════ name (name) and address the specific shareholder;

════════ the number of shares held by such person;

════════ type of shares (ordinary, preference, etc.);

════════ nominal value per share;

════════ total nominal value of shares owned by a particular person;

════════ the date when the property rights of a shareholder to take effect.

The share capital of the company, usually divided into shares with a fixed par value or stock without par value. To register a new legal entity in each country usually have a minimum authorized share capital. At the same time, corporate laws of the country of registration, in many cases do not require the actual payment of the full value of the shares. Is either formal subscription for shares (as in most Caribbean and Pacific jurisdictions), or paid a symbolic part of the total nominal value of shares (in countries such as Ireland, Cyprus, etc.). Alternatively, the authorized capital should have been paid fully for the receipt of a legal company status In a country like Switzerland, the main part of the authorized share capital should have immediately been paid is also elsewhere the Continental Europe.

Typically, authorized share capital is unlimited in size. Nevertheless, the majority of jurisdictions in the capital increase, respectively increase charged by the state fee. This duty can be expressed as a fixed amount, for example, in the Bahamas with share capital not exceeding 50.000 USD, fixed fee is 350 USD / year. If the share capital exceeding 50.000 USD, fee is 1000 USD / year. In other countries, the fee can be expressed as a percentage of paid-up share capital, for example: Ireland (Ltd.) - 1% of paid-up capital, Switzerland - 3% of the capital. Therefore, companies in the registration usually declare the highest share capital, which has the minimum registration and annual fees.

Nominee shareholders.

To maintain confidentiality in managing the company and disposing of its property, often as a non-resident shareholders of companies acting nominees, whose names remain on the register of enterprises of the country and in other official institutions, while at the same time as, in practice, such persons renounce all their rights in favor of the real owners of companies (beneficiaries), by signing the appropriate agreements for this and other legal documents.

The use of nominee shareholders resolves the following issues be taken into account when registering the company and fixing the rights of its owners:

════════ the presence of nominees as local subscribers greatly simplifies the procedure of the constituent documents of the company and ensures a more rapid transfer of the register, since the owner of the company is not required to visit the country of registration, or in person to sign the articles of incorporation.

════════ nominees can be reliably protect the confidentiality of the beneficial owner, and thereby protect him from the scrutiny of official and other structures that can get information on the ownership shares of a foreign company by a particular entrepreneur.