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Baltic banks. An overview of the 2009

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In this review, we first turn our attention to the differences in the Bank of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Alpha Consulting is the official representative or agent of many Baltic banks, and therefore in their recommendations to clients, we are of the opinion that it is primarily necessary to consider udovstvo work with one or another bank, and then to consider the tariffs for service and other factors.

Historically, the first actively began to work with residents of the CIS is Latvian banks, so if your partner owns offshore for more than 2-3 years, then it is safe to 80-90% say that he has an account or in Latvia, or Cyprus bank. However, changes in Latvian legislation with the not always positive U.S. response to the payments in Latvia in recent years has led many to open a second account in neighboring Lithuania.

In Lithuania, unlike Latvia, lack of financial monitoring at the national level, which allows the church are more loyal to the justification of payments and documentation of bank transactions.

Abolished, and that different banks in the same Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia have different approaches to information and data that should provide the client, as his own offshore company, and on the same core business and source of capital.

If the Bank of Lithuania will ask from you a full set of documentation about the offshore company, the Latvian banks from offshore companies are asking a minimum volume of documents and limited certified svidtelstvom registration offshore. However, the Bank of Latvia to provide detailed information on your core business, ordinances, and constituent documents of local companies, which are a source of income - while Lithuanian banks are limited to only leash list of business partners without any providing any documentation.

As a general rule, if you have a new business and are no regular partners abroad, we recommend that the first bill to unearth the Lithuanian bank, the second - in Latvia, the third - in the offshore. If most of your partners' accounts in Latvia, then soostvetstvenno, for efficiency calculations as well start with the best banks in Latvia, and then open an account in Lithuania and the Caribbean.

Advantage of having multiple accounts is that payments are within the bank for half an hour inside the country - during the day and between countries - for a few days. Having accounts in several countries you can get money the same day with minimal downtime. In addition, payments within the bank and within the country virtually monitor that will not waste time on sending the supporting documents to the bank.

To open an account you do not need to go to the bank - all the documents we are assured in Kiev or Moscow office. With Bank can be found on their official websites on the links below.