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Offshore - it's "just a place where companies conveniently arrange investment deals

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Project "innograda in Skolkovo has a good chance to implement due to the fact that it involves ambitious leaders of the Russian state and government. This opinion was expressed on Friday at a round table in Rosbalt director of the department of investments and expertise of the Russian Venture Company "Yan Ryazantsev.

The discussion, entitled "Vekselberg was headed" innograda in Skolkovo as a businessman or as zavlab? "Revolved around the decision of the Russian leadership found in the Odintsovo district of Moscow region, just west of Moscow Ring Road, the Centre for the development and commercialization of new technologies," innograda. At the head of the project, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has set the president of ZAO Renova Viktor Vekselberg.

The subject of discussion was to discuss the results of online poll conducted by Rosbalt, many results of which showed rather a lack of understanding by respondents essence of the project, rather than their real attitude to him. In particular, the relative majority (30%), readers rated the project "innograda" as a way to implement the ambitions of the Russian leadership. As noted by Yan Ryazantsev, "the country's leadership ambitions - it is a very big plus." According to him, "if these ambitions are not realized, the country may not be the future, which will be a place for innovation development".

About the prediction that the Science City in Skolkovo turn into a giant offshore zone in the Moscow suburbs, Yan Ryazantsev said: "What is wrong with suburban offshore?". Objecting to a widespread opinion that offshore - this is just the place launder illegally earned money, Ryazantsev said that offshore - is "just a place where companies conveniently execute investment transactions." He also suggested that "it is impossible to make a Silicon Valley for three years, and that the infrastructure of the project money will be able to work 20-30 years."

"We still do not know the plan, the business model and financial circuits of the project - said Jan Ryazantsev. - But the idea of this project have already done all of us, not the president for us. "